Vidde Alfa

From €26.200* / €595 per month*

Net price excluding taxes/levies, shipping and other fees

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+100 km


World’s cleanest snowmobile.

Less than 100 g CO2 / km

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  • Type 2 / 220V
  • Level 2 charging ~ 3,5 h
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Lowest start temp

  • -39 °C
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Towing capacity

  • +270 kg (continuous tow)
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  • +130 kW (+175 Hp)
  • +400 Nm torque

Preliminary specifications

During season 23-24 the Alfa pre-series will be tested. The machines that we are testing are with the above specifications to be confirmed before finalizing production.

Technical specifications

Range ~100 km
Temperature -39°C
Charging 6,6 Kw, 3,5h to full
Speed 110 km/h
Motor Beyond
Weight 290 kg
Person capacity 1-2 incl. driver
Length 3.1m
Width 1.2m
Track length 146” / 371 cm
Track width 16” / 40.6 cm
Ski center distance 110 cm
Interface 3.5” circular display
Suspension Öhlins


Battery & Charging

Capacity 18.4 kWh to 21.9 kWh
Fully charged in 3.5 hours with AC charging
DC charging expected to be available for the production series

Range & Drivability

The range of the battery is ≈100 km. Weather conditions such as wind, snow conditions etc will in combination with user behaviour effect the actual range. Range optimisation modes will be available.

Cold Temperature

The battery is constructed to start at temperatures as low as -39°C without being connected to charging

Updates & Upgrades

The vehicle is connected to handle OTA (over the air) connectivity updates to meet your future needs and availability of updates and upgrades.

Pre-order & Booking

The product is ready for pre-order and booking. By placing a pre-order you need to pay a sign-on fee of 1000 sek. This amount will be deducted from the purchase price upon placing the final order.

Delivery & Pricing

The product price starts from € 26.200 Net price excluding taxes/levies, shipping and other fees.

Vidde Snowmobiles will also be available through a subscription model starting from €595/ month.

Shipping is expected to start from December 2024

Service & Service partners

Service and service partners are to be announced. The expected proximity is to meet the b2b downtime agreement and developed over time to handle direct service and support needs for ownership areas.

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